perjantai 11. huhtikuuta 2014

Gothic catwoman 10.4 @Klubi, Tampere

What an evening! What a party!

I had the pleasure to do my burlesque act on the Women Culture Days evening soiree yeasterday. Firstly, the crowd was superb! A big thank you for all of you out there, friends, future friends and total strangers – without you burlesque wouldn't be the crazy endorphin filled stage dream that it is.

Stella Polaire, BeeBee Paloma, Lola Vanilla & Bent van der Bleu and Mia Li Moon are total sweethearts and I hope to see them again at the stage (and backstage...) soon. The lovely DOOMMOOD-collective had some cool rythms, jazz and house and those boys and the band of the evening, The Fractal Cauliflowers, put me dancing like nothing else.

The theme of my show was the identity crisis of my life. To be or not to be... a goth? Or to be or not to be... a cat? Maybe you can be both. Come and see my next show and find out!

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